Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What's Blooming in June

 I've been taking a little break from blogging after the birth of our tenth child. I have actually accomplished lots of stuff around the house (just nothing blog worthy). I have cleaned the basement, garage, and under my porch. We also stained the porch with help from the girls. I've also done some gardening, so today I want to show you my flower beds.

This is my favorite time of the year in my garden.

  You can see how my garden looked last year in the post "Spring Blooms"

This was earlier this spring after I mulched.

 Here's the view off of my back porch and the flower bed below is just across this one.

This bed is getting ready to bloom with these purple cone flowers and daylilies.

My Daylily, Stella de ora is getting ready to bloom. I got a couple plants of this daylily from a neighbor ten years ago and I have divided it multiplied in two different beds.(I love that it spreads in nice round clumps)

 When I started gardening I didn't like orange, funny how this color crept in and now I love it!

 These have definitely multiplied this year.

 I love how Gaillardia or Blanket Flower self seeds. I bought it five years ago and I take the seeds in the fall and spread them where I would like it to grow the next year. This is out by the road next to gravel.

 Love the contrast of the purple and white.

  My husband bought these on sale for a dollar at the end of the season five years ago. I can't wait for them to bloom every year!

The Iris have already bloomed, but I sure enjoyed them!

I have a few varieties of clematis that climb on our trellis in my back yard.

Here's another bed of bee balm on the side of the house. Hope you enjoyed the tour of my garden!

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  1. Glad your back. I actually missed you. I wanted to see the "Easter Baby" post but it never appeared. Your flowers are beautiful. All I have are a few day lilies which I spreaded out and hope they all bloom. Mine are orange and have triple petals. I love them. Thanks for showing all the loveliness!!!

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment, and about being back I'll probably be sporadic with posts for a while till the kids go back to school.

  2. What lovely gardens you have! I love the natural, cottage garden feel and the wonderful layers of colors and textures!

    1. Thanks Sharon. It's so fun and relaxing to work,walk and relax in my yard!

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