Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chippy Painted End Tables

We got two end tables at a garage sale for five dollars so we could get some practice painting. They have been sitting in our basement since last fall because we didn't know what to do with them. After looking for inspiration on different blogs, we decided to try chippy paint with Vaseline.


The tables before were really worn down and they even had teeth marks on the legs. The previous owners' kids must have gotten a hold of them...

We applied Vaseline on spots that would look worn down naturally (Edges, sides, and corners). Some people just used a paint scraper to get the chippy look, but the Vaseline technique works faster. 

When the Vaseline was on (make sure it's a really thin layer),  we painted it with primer. It took awhile on account of the excessive detailing all over it.

When the primer dried, we painted on a coat of white paint, pulled out our handy dandy sandpaper, and got to work. Even though we sanded all over, the paint came off really easily on the spots Vaseline had been. I really love the chippy paint look more than just distressed, but it took awhile to convince my mom to let me try it.

The tables are really short so we're not really sure what they will be used for in the future...but we'll keep thinking on it! 

 We hope you have a great rest of the week! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love the details and the chippy paint! I guess you need a low sofa now!

  2. The tables are extremely low so I was thinking of upholstering the tops and turning them into ottomans, just haven't ever upholstered anything yet so we'll see.

  3. Very cool! You did a wonderful job on the tables makeover :)

  4. I was thinking of doing this on two tables I got from the ReStore. I can't bring myself to buy expensive chalk or milk paint. Can you please tell me what type of paint you used? Was it sprayed or brushed on?

    1. I haven't bought the expensive paint either, although I am curious about it. I used regular primmer and paint that I brushed on.