Sunday, March 31, 2013

Travel Room Decor

A few months ago we helped my 24 year old aunt re-decorate her room. We didn't have the opportunity to take pictures of the before, but we did finally get around to taking pictures of her room now. We got our inspiration from the Eiffel Tower wall art. We found it at a resale shop for $8. 

The room as a whole is a Paris/Travel theme. Since she already collected some vintage things from different garage sales and resale shops (she likes old stuff too), we had stuff to go off of. She already had the typewriter, and old camera, the bookshelf, the dresser, the armoire, and most of the small decor like the lamp and old books. 

This bookshelf was formerly a hunter green. Our aunt found it on Craigslist, but she needed help painting it. We put together vintage pieces and old books along with books of her choice. She had most of this stuff in her closet so this was the perfect solution to her cluttered closet, plus now she can actually enjoy her stuff.

We decided on this medium brown with a dark brown glaze. Watered down paint would work just as well.

These are just some of the antique books she has throughout her room.

On a trip to Marshall's we found these "travel cases". She uses them to store hair accessories other small objects. The bike, mirror, and books she had from before.

 She had a dresser that was a light blond wood, similar to what the dresser below looked like, just more pink, yuck!.

Our aunt was planning on getting rid of the dresser because it was so ugly, but it is sturdy so we convinced her we would fix it up.

We spray painted the dresser off white, and then distressed the edges.

We then used a painted dark brown glaze along the edges and wiped it off with a rag. It took a bit of trial and error to get it right, because at first we were using too much glaze and it was smearing. We also re-did the handles in oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

We Mod Podged the top of the dresser in vintage music sheets.

The room redo started out with this armoire. It was a light gray ,she bought it because she needed the extra storage space and because of the cute details. The color just didn't go with her room though. The walls have been painted a light beige not long ago and she wanted that to stay the same.

 We talked her into keeping the armoire and painting it a darker beige than the walls

 The gray from before peeks through where we distressed it, so it worked out just right.

That's the whole tour! Her room took a little while to start working on, but once we started we got done very quickly. It was quite easy to decorate because my aunt had bought all the decorations before hand. Hope you're inspired!

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