Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring Blooms and Gardens

 I have not been doing anything but gardening lately, so I hope you all don't get tired of my posts on gardening (or bore you with so many pictures). Even before I ever started blogging or doing DIYs I was a gardener, so in a sense gardening is my first love! We live on three acres of land and some of that is wooded so I have plenty of space to do what I want with.

   First I want to do a little update on the flower beds that I posted about a while back. If you have not seen those you can see those here. These beds look so much fuller now!

Creeping Flox and Ajuga in bloom.

In our front yard the Japanese Red Maple leafed out and you can see new leaves on top of the Nandena.

 Our trellis hides quite a bit of junk you would be shocked to see. This is part of our backyard shade garden, the other side is next to the house. Here some of the Columbine are in bloom plus Hastas and Astilebe.

 This is on the opposite side of the trellis, a sidewalk separates it. The lilies and lambs ears will be blooming soon.

  Bleeding heart is such an interesting plant. I always marvel at God's creation when these bloom every year!

 I got most of my vegetable garden planted. This year I brought lots of manure from my uncle that has cows, so I'm hoping for a good  yield. We always plant tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and onions. Some years we do potatoes, though we don't always get a good crop. I still think it's fun for the kids to dig them up and see where our food comes from.
 The raised bed you see is actually a "roadkill rescue". My sister called me on a rainy evening and said there was a book shelf on the side of the road on her way home. I sent my husband to pick it up in a torrential down-pour (so surprised he even went), but it turned out it's not a book shelf it's the bottom support for a child's bed and it was plastic.  DISAPPOINTING! I thought I would just throw it away again but then thought to use it in my garden for a raised bed with onions.

 I have always wanted my vegetable garden to also have some interest, so I created some space for flowers too. This way it's not boring to go to the garden!

 I have helped the kids start their own shade garden, and when they want to dig this is where I send them. You can see some of their holes.

 The back of this wooded area is also my compost pile.

Back to the other side of our yard I created a privacy fence with evergreens and other bushes. I added  perennials that were extras from my other gardens to make it pretty until the trees fill in, since they were only 12 inches tall.

The snowball bush blooms every year around Mother's Day.My mom gave me a start of this one.

 There are tons of blooms this year on it. I'll have to bring some in to enjoy too!

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  1. Your snowball bush makes me laugh. When we were little, there was a snowball tree in our yard. My dad was playing badminton with us and the birdie kept getting caught in the branches of the dad just got out the hacksaw and cut it down...he hated that thing. Years later my mom and I were at a nursery and she saw a cute vibernum that she liked....I told her that it was actually the snowball, that dad hated..... she said that she would just tell him it was a vibernum....and he loved it.... never realized that it was his nemisis.....the infamous snowball... lol thanks for the memory.

  2. Love Hydrangea bushes AKA snowball bushes. These are sooo pretty. We used to have some and when some old ladies driving by saw us moving, they came and started cutting away at the bush and taking pieces. Crazy. We just let them. We couldnt take it with us and they were gonna tear the house down for business contruction anyways.

  3. Snowballs...a garden favorite! Would be great if you'd share your post over at Fishtail Cottage's Garden Party this upcoming Thursday. xoxo, tracie

  4. I love what you've done with your garden! Having a shade garden for the kids is a brilliant way to get them involved!

  5. Even though I paint a whole lot of furniture, gardening is really my first love too! You gardens are beautiful. Bleeding Heart is one my favorites and that Snowball Bush is amazing! Can't wait to see how your vegetable garden turns out!

  6. They didn't block the sun much, but they did hang way over the garden and drop pine cones and crap all the time. She said she'd get her husband to cut them back so we didn't have to—but we could if we wanted to. cedar privacy fence

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