Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Painted Shelf

 A while back I showed you my{Laminate Bookshelf}that I re-purposed and am now using as a shelf in my kitchen to display my vintage collections. Not long after that I added an old shelf that I fixed up and painted to add over the shelf.

I added some hooks to give it some interest.

I love this little corner now!

Here's what it looked like before.

And the whole side with our ammunition crate that we re-purpose into a shelf. This was one of the first roadside finds since starting to blog.

 Daffodils are  finally blooming so I brought some in to brighten up our kitchen!

I got these little vintage flower pots from a gardening friend. I really like the color and design!

 I love when I can do something around my home without spending much!
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  1. I love adding and changing small areas too! It's always nice when it doesn't cost much money! Thank you for sharing on Twirl and Take a Bow! ~Tammy

  2. I just love the look of the whole arrangement! I love the old look in my kitchen. Nice job.

  3. It's gorgeous! LOVE the shelves and your vintage touches (the fan, the hooks, the ironstone, the clock) are amazing.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! thanks for sharing at Sundays at Home!

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