Friday, February 21, 2014

Laminate Bookshelf Repurposed

 I feel like I hit the jackpot last week, but I don't play the lottery so I know it was God's blessing. My husband listens to a radio show called Tradio and someone advertised that they were cleaning out a basement and were selling antiques. I went with Emily to check it out and they had a lot of cool stuff mostly from the Thirties and at supper good prices!

 I really need a good place to photograph things for my Etsy Shop so I decided to paint an old laminate shelf for this purpose. I had one downstairs from my son's room that I thought would work. I added pallet wood to the top since it had some cardboard, and pallet wood to the bottom since it once sat on a dresser and now would sit on the ground.

Can you believe it's the same shelf? I just love how it turned out!
I first primed the shelf with Zinsser, and then I painted it with regular acrylic paint. I mixed my own paint colors to get a creamy white. Afterwards, I distressed to give it a vintage look.

  Most of the stuff on the shelves came from this ladies basement, and I have lots more!

Now I want to keep the things on this shelf instead of selling. The scale is already listed and is available here.

 At least I have plenty of other things to list until I have to decide about selling this stuff,and I'm glad I have somewhere to take pictures now!

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  1. I love. Never would have seen the potential in that piece. Thank you for the Pin worthy inspiration. {ChicByTab}

    1. Thanks! I Just adding a little paint makes a BIG difference.

  2. Looks great..........and such a good idea. Thank you for sharing this..........:) Gentle Joy

  3. WOW...such a testimony to how white paint changes everything...stunning transformation!

  4. Wow the change is outstanding to this shelf! I love it! This will be great for your Etsy pics!

  5. Wow! I had absolutely NO idea a laminate shelf could looks THIS good!!
    xx Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  6. That looks great!


  7. love the makeover, from laminate to fabulous, i would love to feature it , if that would be ok please let me know.,

  8. I love it! Great job, it is so cute now!

  9. Beautiful transformation! I adore this shelf in white! And you've staged it wonderfully!

  10. This is gorgeous! I have a ton of laminate furniture that I have wanted to just toss because I do not like how it looks. This gives me hope! Do you have a step by step post somewhere to show how to paint the laminate and make it stick?