Friday, February 1, 2013

Entryway Message Board

 I fixed up the blog!! For some reason for the longest time it wouldn't let me change the colors or layout, even in html codes. But thanks to all those blogs out there dedicated to helping people like me who have trouble with all this new stuff, I figured it out! Yay! Well, enough of that...we recently took a trip to Goodwill, and what do you know, my mom found some old ugly junk (surprise, surprise). She found a tray with an old angel print on the inside, a pretty okay looking cork board, and this entryway key hanger/cork/chalk board. Not too cute, right? I thought it was beyond saving because of the wheat engraving on the top, but paint works miracles.

 Everything about it is bad. The color of the wood first of all, then the thin layer of cork, and last but not least, the green chalkboard. This is a super simple make-over. All you need is chalkboard paint, regular paint, cork, and some sandpaper. First, you paint the whole thing with chalkboard paint. We use the brush-on kind for larger objects because it covers more area for a cheaper price. It isn't really very noticeable either. You could use primer instead, but the chalkboard paint is already black and we wanted it to show through. When that layer of paint is dry, put on a coat of regular paint. We used white. After that coat is dry, you can sand it down to make it cute and vintage. Oh, and push a piece of cork board that is the exact size of the space you need to fill.

If your finished piece doesn't have key holders, you can find them at Wal-Mart fairly cheaply. We just used the ones that came with the sign and spray painted them a dark bronze color. Our kitchen features a crate on which we added some key holders, and our art gallery cork board has this same cork. We found it a Michael's. So that's it super simple! When in doubt, paint it!

Here's another message board that we got, this one is not too bad to begin with, so we just spruced it up a bit.

We  added some artificial grass and made some paper flowers.To bring more color to it we added some fabric. We had some extra hooks so we added them to make it more functional.

I like the way it's so much brighter!

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  1. You made it so beautiful! I love it. :) Found your link up at Elizabeth & Co. Glad to be your newest follower. Megan

  2. This looks really good. Love your blog. I like that its a little bit of everything. Thats how mine is even though it seems to mostley lean towards crochet or food! Im also a new follower. Come visit me sometime.

    1. Thanks! I actually just started learning how to crochet, so I'll check out your blog!

  3. The "after" looks fantastic. I love that cork too!

  4. I like the looks after. Your blog is very interesting. Hugs from Warsaw, Poland. Ann

  5. Thanks, I love finding ugly old things and giving them new life!

  6. They're both so cute! Love the first one especially - it is amazing what some paint and a little TLC can do! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
    Jenn :)