Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kitchen Decor Part 1

Today I want to show you part of our kitchen and the inspiration for re-doing our kitchen decor. One of my mom's  favorite blogs is Roadkill Rescue. After she started following Beckie's blog she started paying more attention to what people had on the roadside, and what do you know she found some good stuff ! One of the first  treasures she found was an old crate from the 70s with rope handles. She was on her way to pick up some mulch, so she stopped in the middle of the road (no cars coming of course) and rescued it.

When she brought it home I knew exactly what to to do with it. We had recently re-purposed a drawer into a shelf in my aunt's room so I thought that this crate would look awesome on a wall. Of course it needed a little cleaning, painting, and distressing. We also added some key hooks to the underside because we needed a better place to keep our keys. I had the perfect spot for the crate since our kitchen had a wall that was pretty empty. Even after adding the shelf we thought it wasn't complete since that wall is so big.

This is very similar to what the crate looked like before, except ours didn't have a top. It's actually an old ammunition crate from the 1970s.  I googled it and found it on ebay.What I did to fix it was paint/dry brushed paint onto the crate, distressed it, and then put stain on the distressed parts and in the corners. I found

My mom came up with another crazy idea of painting the wire spools that she picked up on the side of the road. Although my dad was a little hesitant about the whole thing because it was so different than what normal people hang up in their kitchens. So far everyone that has seen it liked it! After the crate and spools were on the wall my mom still thought the bottom space could use something, she came up with a narrow cork board for displaying the kids art work. Everything for cork board came from scraps we still had downstairs from construction on our house, and my dad helped with putting it together. The cork itself came from Michael's. We really loved how it turned out!

The big chair came from my aunt when they moved out of state. My uncle hated it for some reason, maybe because it was the shiny dark brown color. We spray painted it white and distressed it so the brown underneath came in handy. We mostly use it for setting our things on it, since it's not very comfortable.

An old pepper/coffee grinder my grandpa sent us from Romania.


 We have an old collection of spools from a garage sale.

I just love this old apple peeler! All of the old bottles and glass containers we have in our kitchen are from an old dumping ground near our grandma's house.

Here is our winter display of snowmen the kids made.

To tie in that wall with the rest of the kitchen I came up with these spools. To make them a little different than the other ones I cut up a wire basket that had a broken leg and added it to the spools using hot glue!

This is the wall on the right side of our kitchen. I hand-painted the eat sign, and the fork and spoon are cast iron finds from a garage sale. All the bottles on top of our china cabinet were found in the before mentioned trash dump. Some of the bottles are from the 70s! You can see the other side of our kitchen here. 


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  1. Love your old stuff and spools! I end up collecting so much stuff that my house looks junky instead of artsy like yours. :)

    Newest follower! Would love for you to follow back at

    1. Thanks! We arrange and rearrange a lot before we see something we like!

  2. Saw you over at Show and Tell. Love your decor! The old spools are my favorite!
    Cathy C

  3. Love it - I could totally come over and steal a few! Found you at xo - Jen

  4. what a great idea to use it as a shelf! and love those old bottles, too.

  5. Love the charming touches in your kitchen! That crate on the side is the coolest!

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