Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY Painting Project

 My aunt bought these two panted landscapes last summer at a garage sale. They are painted onto blocks of wood. My mom went over one day and helped her organize her closet. She found these pictures and told my mom she could have them because they were ugly. So we brought them home, and decided to repaint them. We liked the sky, and the buildings, but the orange just didn't go.


We added a nice green for the hills, and painted the trees back in.


 We added a mix of blue and white to the sky, so that we could cover up the red trees.

Afterwards, we sanded off some of the green paint on the hills, so the yellow could peek through.


And here they are! Isn't it much better? They definitely go better with her decor. After we finished them, my aunt saw the finished pictures and loved the new look, so we gave the paintings back gladly. It wasn't very hard to redo these paintings, because all you have to do is paint right over what you already had with colors you like. Just make sure you refer back to a before picture, so you get the right objects in the right spot. 

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  1. I love the redo Emily! I especially love that you gave the painting a new life and I agree, the orange was quite ugly.

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