Friday, January 25, 2013

Kitchen Decor Part II

I finally made a blog button! (which is located on the side column).  I took me forever to figure it out.
 I don't think I could have done if it weren't for Google, and all the helpful blogs out there.
Well anyway I promised I would do another post with the other half of our kitchen, so here it is.

Overall, we love our kitchen, it has plenty of cabinets and a pantry. It works great for our big family.

I really like our recipe holder, we got it at a garage sale for $4- including the book.

My mom has been collecting tea kettles for a long time, her spending limit is $3 for each :)

 I love the color of old bottles, we had quite a bit fun collecting these.

There's plenty of counter space with our peninsula, the kids like doing art work at the counter.

I just love orchids, especially since they bloom in the dreary months of winter and they last so long. One of these plants was rescued from my grandma's house. It sat outside in her garage for a long time with no care and my mom took it home since winter was approaching and the cold would surely kill it. It has since re-bloomed twice!   

 My sister and I got this sign for my mom last Christmas, we later found those interesting pot holders at a yard sale. Have you noticed we like garage sales a lot?

 We have three different kinds of stools that were different colors as well, my mom painted them white and distressed them to go with the rest of the kitchen.They look sooo much better!

Here is what you see as you leave the kitchen. My mom made the growth chart out of pallet wood, we used it for hanging some of our Christmas cards this year. I found the wheel at a dump and spray  painted it. We had a wreath hanging there before, but the wheel is so much simpler and not as bulky-looking as the wreath. I like this much better!

And as you can see up close our cabinets are looking terrible. Something needs to be done soon, the most likely thing will be to paint them since they are very sturdy otherwise. This is not something to look forward to. Anyone have ideas for paint colors?

 This is the full view of our kitchen (or as much as would fit in the picture). Even though the only major thing we really did was the wall with the crate, it made a huge difference. Our kitchen has much more character, and reflects our tastes in decorating. All the redecorating in our house the past few months was spurred by the re-do in the kitchen. You can see the first part of our kitchen post here. Enjoy!

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  2. Your kitchen is lovely. When you paint your cabinets may I suggest you go with at least 3 colors. You have so many cabinets that I think it would not look choppy, and you could use paint to make them look at least in part like freestanding pieces. I have green bottom cabinets, cream upper cabinets, and a oak stained island. I have had them 15 years and still love them this way. An aded advantage is you could paint one section/color at a time.

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