Monday, July 14, 2014

Painted Wardrobe

 A few years back I bought a huge furniture set at a garage sale. It worked great for a while in a room without a closet. Then we had a closet built in that room and we found new homes for some of the pieces. We conveniently set the big wardrobe down the hall in our room, since it was so heavy. It did not match with the rest of our furniture but it became useful for storing baby clothes. So it sat there for a couple more years.
The other day I was thinking that I should clean up the top of this wardrobe, since it is the first thing I see in the morning when I open my eyes. I  thought a collection of vintage stuff would look good up there, but not with the cherry color. So I decided to change that with a little paint. I am totally loving it and can't believe I didn't think about doing it earlier!


 Not the prettiest sight first thing in the morning, even the pictures on the wall are from before the wardrobe moved in. This is also where the Fabric Covered Boxes were stored (One of my first posts and most viewed too). Not looking so hot.

I made homemade caulk paint  using Plaster of Paris and some Benjamen Moore paint in Antique White. I like the recipe Sharon from Elizabetha & Co uses.

 I love that I can enjoy some things that were previously stored away in the basement.

I sure am enjoying the sight I wake up to every morning and I love how everything in the room looks now!

Hope I've inspired you to make some little changes to a room that's not working for you!

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