Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Mannequin Head

 A while back I bought a Styrofoam mannequin head for Julia thinking she could use it as a prop when she photographs her headbands for Etsy. She didn't like it so I left it on a table in the basement.  Sometime later I found it chewed up, no not the dog, our little four year old decided to chew the nose and poke some holes in it. So it sat down there until the other day I thought about covering it with dictionary pages using Mod Podge.

  I used scrunched up paper dipped in mod podge to fill the holes that my son made, then put paper over that. The holes are no longer visible and I like the look of the dictionary pages much better. For the rest I ripped up the pages to get the look I wanted.

  It was really easy and I like how it turned out.

 Julia still doesn't want to use it as a prop but that's OK because I'll use it in my decor.

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  1. This is rather unique! I have the same head I use for my etsy shop. LOL. I may do some decorating to it since I think its creepy the way it is now.

    1. I gives it a less scary and cheap look this way! Let me know how it turns out :)

  2. What a unique home decor idea! Great conversation piece.

  3. Oh I like your head covered in the pages. I covered one with Trader Joe grocery sacks LOL
    It works and looks good