Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cabinet Door Chalkboards

I've decided to show you guys what we've been working on the last couple weeks. Our cousins are remodeling their kitchen and were getting rid of their kitchen cabinets. My mom asked if she could have the doors and they were nice enough to remove the doors before they threw the cabinets away.

Since there were 19 doors the whole process took quite a while. The doors got a good cleaning first, then lots of sanding.

Next they were primed on both sides.We painted a coat of dark paint on the front side so when we distressed them, the dark would show through. Then we painted  two coats of white paint.

We painted the inside of the cabinet doors with two coats of chalkboard paint (with a small roller and a small paint brush). LOTS of painting! The sides of the frame were not turning out very neatly so we decided to go further up with the chalk paint. That didn't look that great so Emily came up with the idea to paint a little white over it, so it looked distressed. Finally we have the look we wanted!

The doors originally had handles like the James and Amy chalkboard, we used some of those and spray painted them oil rubbed bronze. We wanted to try another look and thought to use some flat hardware that came off of our dinning room set, which we painted white and distressed.

 Emily used chalkboard markers ( can be purchased a Michael's) for the wording. She went online and looked for different fonts that would work, then she free handed the writing. It looks amazing doesn't it?

  We didn't have enough of the flat hardware for all of the doors, so we used the original ones for some. I forgot to mention above that we sanded the edges to give the doors a shabby chic look.

This one would also makea great to-do list after the wedding.

Emily will be customizing some of the chalkboards for her Etsy shop for weddings, so feel free to check it out. These were a lot of work, but definitely worth it when they were done.  Let us know which one's your favorite!

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  1. Love these with all the hardware embellishments! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've been doing some of these as well, but I love how you left hardware on them and her writing on them is beautiful! You did a great job. I know it was a lot of work.

  3. Fantastic! I love that the lettering was done freehand - so jealous! Found you through Funky Junk Interiors Party Junk 183...

    Cher @ Designs by Studio C

  4. Those look amazing! Really love the chalkboard lettering too!

  5. Wow, 19 cabinet doors just for playing with. Love them! I have a couple of doors in the process of making them into chalkboards also. I actually started them a couple of weeks ago but haven't gotten around to finishing them yet. Seeing your doors completed makes me want to get that job tackled and done with. Your turned out great!! Visiting you from Funky Junk party.

  6. Fun! I wanted to let you know I nominated your blog for the Leibster Award. You can read more about it here,

  7. Be sure to use a primer on smooth surfaces or plastic. You can use latex chalkboard paint on plastic, but you have to use a plastic primer, which can also be found at home depot or other paint stores.