Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's the Point?

My mom is actually the one who got into blogs. Every morning, after taking my siblings to school, is her hour(sometimes two) to browse blogs and get new ideas. That is actually how our great over-all house re-do came into being.

We always have been into art. I guess that is where it really started. But lately (since we started browsing blogs) and even before, my mom has liked junk. On the side of the road, in actual junkyards, you name it. After we find our treasures is when our vast knowledge of DIY comes into effect. We usually have an idea right away when we see something now, because of bloggers out there who put their techniques out there for anyone and everyone who has a passion for all things old, broken, and last (but certainly not least), vintage. A really quick shout out to bloggers out there, you are appreciated!

So there's some good news and some bad news. Bad news is always first, because the good news can cheer you up sometimes. Sadly, I decided to start this blog after all our projects up until now were finished. Which means no pictures, tutorials, or anything except the"after", which I guess is better than nothing. The good news is that you can find wonderful junk everywhere so it shouldn't be too hard to stock up on new projects!

I am actually going to apply for a craft show going on in my area next year! I am going to be selling name art from my Etsy shop, Pallet signs, and Chalkboard labels. I will post tutorials on how to make all of those things. Very exciting stuff, at least for me!

I really don't know exactly what I'm doing when using Blogger and blogs in general. If you have any tips and tricks to share that would be lovely! I'm glad you stopped by, have a fabulous day!

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  1. I had the same problem where some of my projects were done before I started my new blog. But what are you going to do, right? Plus, everyone loves the after more than the before anyway. :)

    Congrats on applying for a craft show! I haven't done one yet and am working on items for my first Etsy store. You must be so excited!

    Project Lovegood

  2. Everyone has to start some where and I love the fact you explained your past projects!

  3. I hate updating my blog and I rarely do, but I read a ton and I do a ton of projects. One of my favorite bloggers is Damask Love ( She has some great recent posts that might be helpful to you:

    I don't know how much those will actually help you, but thought I would share anyway.

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